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Polyethylene Bag

Cotton Baling PE Bag

PE bag is designed as per the characteristics of the cotton baling packaging. It has been widely used in China to meet the requirements of Cotton Quality Inspection System Reform.


  • With good flexibility, anti-punching, frictional resistance, non-crisp, durable and can survive with the high tension of the cotton baling.
  • Protect the bales from water, mildewing, monister, splash spark, burning cigarette and other adverse conditions.
  • Perfect and extremetly safe for cotton storage and transportation.
  • Seal the PE bag with specially iron, convenient and efficient. No need manual sewing as the tranditional cotton bag. Help to reduce the labor cost.
  • Uniform the weight, shape and appearance of the cotton bale
  • PE bag is completely recyclable, which can help reduce packaging waste and save money on disposal costs.

The project scope

The color blue, white, or black (Ban Touming)

The length of 0.5 to 500m

The width of 300mm ~ 1400mm

The thickness of 0.0030mm ~ 0.017mm

Vertical and horizontal strength >23mpa

Vertical and horizontal elongation of >650%

Red, blue print, black, yellow, green and other (single color)

The old 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months

Packaging carton, tons of bags, winding

The scope of the cotton packing (400 bales), flower picking up bags, plastic sheeting, heavy bags etc.

The shape of tape, single winding;

(can be customized according to customer requirements)

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